Is it Essential for a Writer to have a Mentor? (5/16/2017)

Not necessarily…

If you don’t have a mentor, it is not the end of the world. These days, you can substitute not having a one-on-one mentor with a number of resources. My personal favorite is podcasts.

The following are my favorite podcasts:

Self-Publishing Podcast
The Smarter Artists
Story Shop
The Author Hangout
The Author Biz
The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast
Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula
The Creative Penn Podcast

If you haven’t given them a try yet, you are doing yourself a disservice. Take a moment to listen to some of these fine folks give you the rundown of the Self-Publishing industry and let me know what you think.

Check back on Thursday as I go over my favorite podcasts for readers interested in Mystery, Thrillers, and Supernatural stories.



P.S. I’m always looking for new podcasts to follow. If you have any favorites, please let me know.