Everything You Wanted to Know About the Author

Jason C. Anderson is the author of the US Monsters and the Guardians series. His newest books are Ghosts Haunt at Tombstone (US Monsters), A Carriage of Death (Guardians), and A Neighborhood of Gargoyles (Guardians).

Jason writes what he enjoys to read—high-octane fiction with explosive action and adventure. Readers of all ages will enjoy his rip-roaring adventures filled with a healthy balance of laughs, thrills, and chills.

What he enjoys most about putting together these stories is mixing the believable with the unbelievable. Whether that is by placing his characters in the most extreme settings or up against beastly creatures, each reader will find his stories to be both unforgettable and difficult to put down.

His newest Middle-Grade thriller, Ghosts Haunt at Tombstone, is about a family who travels around the country fighting monsters. By learning the skills of a US Marshal (from their mother) and the skills from a Monster Hunter (from their grandfather), two brothers and a sister travel from state to state, fighting evil, while using what they have learned from history as their ultimate weapon. The climax to this story will keep young readers at the edge of their seats.  And of course, Jason is working on the next books in the US Monster series which should be available soon—and be forewarned, the location of the next book is even better than the first!

A Carriage of Death and A Neighborhood of Gargoyles are for older, Young Adult readers, and are long short-stories published to introduce readers to the Guardians series (scheduled to be released soon). Geared for more mature audiences, the Guardians series is about a teenage boy who reluctantly moves to the San Juan Islands with his mother. While settling into the island life, he quickly realizes that life is not what it seems. Not only are the truths behind his past starting to come to fruition, but he soon learns that living on the islands is a death sentence. With evil lurking on the surrounding islands and a hellish presence coming from somewhere under the sea, the boy is placed in a position that he could have never foreseen—either guard the island or die. This story is the ultimate fight for humanity.

For adult readers, there are a number of stories in the work for you as well. All that can be said is that these stories will revolve around some of the greatest warriors the world has ever seen. Forced to fight against foes straight out of your worst nightmare, these stories are a cross between Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and Stephen King. You find these stories both fun and frightful. Stay tuned!

Raised in Spokane, WA, Jason is a graduate of Washington State University. Go Cougs! He grew up an avid reader, enjoying the works of RL Stine before graduating to the stories of Matthew Reilly and James Rollins. Jason has always enjoyed storytelling and knew he was destined to become an author. Hopefully his passion and love for writing is apparent in the books he publishes.

Jason lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, spending his time with his family, enjoying the rugged outdoors, and playing with his dog, Cutter.


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