A Guardian Thriller Series

Geared for more mature audiences, A Guardian Thriller series is about a teenage boy who reluctantly moves to the San Juan Islands with his mother. While settling into the island life, he quickly realizes that life is not what it seems. Not only are the truths behind his past starting to come to fruition, but he soon learns that living on the islands is a death sentence. With evil lurking on the surrounding islands and a hellish presence coming from somewhere under the sea, the boy is placed in a position that he could have never foreseen—either guard the island or die. This story is the ultimate fight for humanity.

The newest books in the series are A Carriage of Death and A Neighborhood of GargoylesBoth stories will be available soon.

A list of the books in the series by chronological order may be found below…



A Sea of Wolves (Available Soon)

Novella’s & Short Stories:

A Nightmare for Christmas

A Carriage of Death (Available Soon)

A Neighborhood of Gargoyles (Available Soon)